Summer Ends…


I noticed that last year I felt sad and so bereft when it came time for the Blues to fly away, they just don’t visit my yard during the non-breeding season. And so as the summer wound down, there were less winged creatures visiting my feeders.  Things begin to pick up a midge during some of the migration flights but I am just not sure I”m in any of the migration patterns. We did see this lovely guy and I took some pictures but they are terrible and so I refuse to embarrass myself by doing so, but we believe that it was a Magnolia Warbler . That was first for us, we had not seen one before, but they left as quickly as they came and we have not seen them again. I only seem to be enticing chickadees, titmouse and morning doves to the feeders these days. And while I know I should not be a bird snob, I just don’t love the morning doves.

Towards the end of August, as per the norm, the hummingbirds are busy, chasing each other away from the feeders, taking a sip and then chasing again.  I sat very still and got a couple decent shots of them – nothing to write National Geographic about but I was happy with them as I have tried for a couple of years, just to get a slightly in-focused shot without much success.

Today we have a Pileated Woodpecker in our yard. That is rare, so rare it hasn’t happened before. We had them in the trees behind our yard but none have ever visited our feeder or bird bath. Any way today R. saw this in the tree and then it hid behind a pergola post and then finally came to take a couple drinks. This one was pretty noisy both in his call and when he flew away. They are really pretty big birds.

Lastly, we are seeing a decent amount of butterflies in the yard. We (and truly I use the word we loosely)  planted milkweed and the verbana which they seem to like. Our newest addition to the abode, Poisey the Noisey kitty sits from her perch and watches them fly around.

The fall in Florida is very different from the fall in the rest of the country – and about this time we are all here ready for some cooler temps. However, with the changing of the seasons it is nice to see the circle of life and natures way cycle through.

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