In a nutshell – I’m an accidental birder in the suburbs of Northern Florida.

It started when my then 4th grader would come home and tell me about the birds he was seeing outside his portable (read trailer to accommodate the class size amendment). His teacher was very interested in birds and they were seeing alot of them at her feeders. It was fun and interesting to hear him tell me the names of the birds in our backyard. I then began to buy one feeder and we all began to enjoy watching them from the living room windows. I happened upon the local Wildbirds Unlimited store owned buy a retired fellow named Dave. I then saw the nestboxes for Eastern Bluebirds, became enthralled with them and things sorta escalated grew from there. I would not say that I’m your average stereotype of a birder, I’m not a senior citizen, though I do have binoculars and a camera.

I have found that I am more aware of nature now that I enjoy birds. I am more aware of the seasons changing, the ebbs and flows, the migrations of birds, the reality of that process if you will. I also love that my kids will call out the names of birds, taking the time to really look up at them, to determine if that bird on a wire is a bluebird, if that song is a new one or one we have heard before.

I hope you enjoy my space. I welcome learning from visitors and hearing from you as well.

Please visit often.

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