So funny story….kids are all home for winter break and are outside playing when they start yelling, ‘Mom come quick come quick’ – which generally is not a good sound….I was expecting some injury…luckily they pointed to the tree outside our door and asked me what type of bird that was…as I’m looking at it, I say, well that is a pet and it swoops down and lands on my shoulder.

So now $110 later we now are the owners of a cockatiel.

I’ve never been a fan of owning a bird, never wanted one, they are messy and just weird and while I love the outside birds and seeing them in the wild I have not been interested in ever owning a bird. However, she is kinda cute and pretty dang smart and a wee bit annoying. I never knew birds like to be petted…but she does and that request can go on for quite awhile. She does not like to go back into her cage and definitely lets us know when she wants out of her cage. And the thing is chasing a bird to get it to go back into the cage is not a pretty site.

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