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Summer Ends…


Sandhill Cranes


I think this pair is a regular pair that I’ve been seeing lately around the area. I love the song they sing. Interesting fact – these guys don’t fish for their food like other herons, they get lizards, mice and so forth but don’t fish. Anyway, they have been hanging around the empty fields around our grocery store.

Red Shouldered Hawk


These guys are HUGE! I noticed him as he decided to perch on my empty nestbox! I was terrified he was hanging around looking for baby bird lunch boxes so I shooed him away…only to my neighbor’s yard though. He is a beautiful bird, just not one that I want to sit and watch the feeders. I did a wee bit of research and apparently, interesting fact, they tend to eat cold blooded animals during the summer to maintain their body temperature. Quite clever of nature isn’t it? I took a few shots, it was drizzling out and I didn’t want to have my camera out too much in the rain. A beaut isn’t he?

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We have had many cardinals visit our feeders during the course of the spring and beginnings of summer. Now that the babies have fledged we can see many juvenile Cardinals raiding the feeders. What I found interesting this time is that the male Cardinal was feeding a fledging that must have been quite new. The baby would barely be flying, try to land on the feeder and not feel comfortable and would flutter to the comfort of the tree limbs. I have to apologize in advanced for the poor picture quality, trying to take shots through the window screens and not to alert the dogs…our newest mutt will jump on the couch and peer out the window hoping to see squirrels and be released to the yard. In doing so, they often scare the birds from the feeders. I meant to post this closer to Father’s Day but as usual the days and weeks seem to quickly fly by.

Painting Bunting!!!


Holy Smokes!! This is a bird I’ve been waiting to see!! Again, I seem to be forever apologizing for the poor image quality of my pictures, but this is our first Painting Bunting sighting ever! If you could have seen me running around trying to grab the camera before it flew away! Oh they are lovely! I don’t really believe we have the best habitat for them, but have been hoping to see them! I hope he visits ALOT!

Black-capped Chickadees


Wow! What a season! A Carolina Wren, some Blues visiting boxes and now Black-capped Chickadees are all nesting in my backyard!! Craziness indeed! Really in the scheme of things these makes me very happy and is so exciting, though slightly worrying as well. We have been watching the chickadees scurry in and out of the nestbox on the fence but hadn’t peeked inside to get shots of the eggs. We noticed the mom going in with worms and so I had spouse check


the box. I think these are pretty new! No parents bothered us while we peeked, Notice how nice and downy soft the nest looks! So cozy!

House Finches


We noticed these dainty sounding birds at the feeder and I have to admit, because they are bit bland we did not investigate really until we kept seeing them. These are a first for us this year. So we have seen a couple firsts this year. Anyway, they do have the sweetest sound and seem to enjoy the no mess bird feed (from Wildbirds Unlimited). You can see by the picture I have way too much going on here mostly likely as far as feeders go. I do like to see all the birds busily getting to the feeders, these birds do not seem aggressive and seem to flutter away when other birds come to feed. They have a very sweet sound, that is very pleasing and we have found they that they tend to visit in pairs.