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I’m Not Impressed


Had lots of excitement on Tuesday in our backyard. I was chatting on the phone and walked out on the back patio and as per usual I let the hounds out there with me. I was not paying them any attention when I heard and then saw the shape and the fact that both dogs were quite near it. It raised up and struck at Buddha but did not bite him, he was curious and was trying to smell the new animal. I literally SCREAMED bloody murder, threw the phone down and got as close as I could to the dogs, screaming no and calling their names….thank the good lord they heeded me. I got to them and grabbed them and threw them in the house, totally panicked about what to do next. The kids at this point had heard me and saw this lovely anaconda sized rattler! I found the phone I threw and told my friend I needed to call a snake charmer quickly and reassured her no one was hurt. I looked up a snake-get-rid-of-them on Google and he told me he charges $459 to remove them. HOLY CRAP, I can’t afford that!  I ran to the neighbors but no on answered and ran to another who thankfully decided he should do the deed. I quietly informed his wife I was really looking for a ‘certified snake-remover’ to do the job and was not asking him personally to remove the snake. He seemed quite determined, seemed to appeal to the challenge of the it. We briefly talked insurance liability but by then he was headed out the door, I did say to his wife, shouldn’t he put on shoes at least? She at least made him to do that. Anyway, by this time my oldest came out of the house and tells me it moved to the corner so as we walk through the yard, we can’t see it. I use the term ‘we’ very loosely as I was several feet behind him. Then we heard it, and I’m like, Tom, that isn’t a cricket sound is it? He replies, no it’s not, and oh sh** I see him. Truly he was hard to miss up close. Anyway, this poor fella met his maker….

Now of course, I’m not loving the backyard as much as I did before and while my logical, rational mind knows that the likelihood of another anaconda sized diamondback rattler being in my backyard is slim to none…I’m just not quite looking to go through the backyard as easily as I once was.

I did make the spouse mow the backyard down that very night…thinking it’d make it easier to spot any other slithering friends.